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A Biblical Study on Hell (Part 1)

Pastor Kris Duerksen | February 18, 2021

Pastor Kris Duerksen’s biblical study on Hell (Part 1). Subscribe to Kris’ YouTube Channel 0:00​ Announcements 2:00​ Introduction & Prayer 6:27​ Kris’ Journey 15:56​ Views of Hell in the early Church 24:14​ What is Eternal Life 30:44​ Two Passages 40:00​ Revelation 20 49:26​ Reflection & Prayer Follow Kris on Instagram

Announcements Vision Night is March 25th! Join us as we share our church name, vision and mission! Sermon Summary Sermon Summary Download If you would like a PDF version Kris’s Sermon Summary click below. Hell-A-Biblical-Case-for-AnnihilationDownload

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