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Executive Pastor

The need for an Executive Pastor to collaborate with the Lead Pastor and give business-centric leadership has been identified.   The Board of Crossview Church would like to invite applications for this full-time position.  If you are interested, please prayerfully consider applying for this position.  


An Executive Pastor oversees a church's operations, strategic planning, administration, general staff leadership, finances, facilities and Human Resources to achieve its Mission and Vision.  Anyone applying must view the function of an Executive Pastor as ministry and sense God's leading to serve. 


Please submit your resume, along with three references, to Pastor Kris Duerksen at  References must include a past employer and two character references which should not be related to the applicant.  


The closing date for applications is June 10, 2022.  


Crossview thanks you for prayerfully considering this position.  All applications will be handled with complete confidentiality and each applicant will be contacted by the search committee.

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