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Missions Giving

These are the organizations that we supported in 2023!

Local Community

SteinbachCommunityOutreach Logo.jpeg

1. Steinbach Community Outreach

The ministry that currently resides upstairs in the SMC building here. They work with homeless people here in Steinbach and area.

2. Life Culture

Pro-life charity that works with end of life issues, and defending the rights of the unborn. Run by Susan Penner.

LifeCulture Logo.jpeg
RisingAbove logo.jpg

3. Rising Above
First Peoples helping First Peoples: Initiated and governed by Indigenous people, Rising Above Abuse Counselling Agency is a Christian based registered charitable organization, offering hope and healing from a biblical perspective.


4. Safe Families
A Christian ministry whose goal is to reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system. They do this by offering support and resources to families who are potentially at risk for having their children taken away from them.​​


SafeFamilies Logo.jpeg
AdultTeenChallenge Logo_edited.png

5. Teen Challenge
To help people find freedom from life-controlling addictions, and to support the families of those who struggle with life-controlling addictions.


1. OneBook

OneBook works with people groups who have never heard about Jesus, and have no part of the Bible translated in their native tongue. They partner closely with indigenous peoples in these groups to (1) translate the New Testament into their language; (2) teach the people in that people group to read; (3) plant churches in these groups that are completely indigenous supported and led.

OneBook Logo.jpeg

2. Bridging China & Africa

This ministry is led by Bill Pipke (member of Crossview church) and its goal is to reach out to the millions of Chinese workers living in Africa with the Gospel. This is done by providing cultural training to Chinese workers to help them better integrate into the African culture they are now living in, and through cultural training for native Africans, so that they can better understand and work with the Chinese workers.

3. Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity

This ministry is led by Bill Pipke (member of Crossview church) and the goal of Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity ministry is to disciple people in Canada and around the world in the principles of integrity, and to see countries, businesses, and families transformed in the process.

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